Welcome to Soul Crusade

From one heart to another, we hope you adore and connect with the pieces of our hearts we’ve shared here…..


It’s a temple we come to confess, to open our heart, to let go of our inhibitions and be ourselves..

Hope you find this joint as homely as your own dark room…So come on up to our house and share the vibe, questions and answers buried inside our hearts!!


Let’s Talk It Over

N I’m really defeated this time around That I don’t know what to say, Defeated by life, defeated by you Hope you’ll return someday. I’m sorry to have hurt you To have spoken those dreaded words Please answer back I really miss you We’re one in two separate worlds.. Your presence still lingers around the …

I Ain’t A Liar

You said you were here to stay That you’ll be by my side come the judgement day But you couldn’t hold on to your words, for better or worse Made me feel like this love was more of a curse.. Still I stood through Waited for you Hoping someday you’ll realize The love and longing …


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