Tears From Heaven


Like the very first rains settle down the scorch of the summers and bring a sense of calm to nature’s proceedings, an air of silence while banging their own metal in the song that the downpour generates. The trees come to life, the birds chirp merrier and to me it gives an opportunity to cry out loud and open the gates for my tears to flow out ‘coz the chatter of the rain would cover my screams and groans and the water that lies everywhere would merge my tears into it so no one would know if someone just added a few buckets to the raging flood. For the sweet smell of ones own soil drenched with the enchanted wine from heavens above, there’s no perfume that compares to that fragrance.

But every eye has different perceptions for the rain. Some might see it as tears from heaven, that fall down as an omen of the deep plight of the souls above. Some might see it as an occasion of joy-an event that rejoices the planet and its inhabitants. To some the gray skies and the dark clouds signify grim emotions laden with darkness and to some the grays make it easier to spot the silver lining.

Everyone feels the rain drops on their face; the cold hair-ruffling breeze differently as per their respective likings and perceiving abilities. But there’s one thing that everyone seems to see the same – a sign of hope, a sign of clearance, a possible chance of finding a way back home after a rough day at the ocean, after the rain is done pouring and as the dark clouds set aside to give way to the smiling sun…..