Corner of The Earth

As I stand at this Corner of The Earth
About to take the final leap
There’s A Turmoil going on in my head
A Thousand thoughts churning in
A million words waging war
All of ’em plead existence..

I need some clarity to see
Some clarity to believe.
Some clarity to feel
And courage to speak

But the question arises-
What do I do in such a situation,
When my world’s come at a dead halt
The clock is stuck
And I don’t know who’s at fault.

Standing at this Corner of The Earth-
I really wish that the earth wasn’t round
So that “someday”, I could just jump-off one of its corners
And lose myself into the vast nothingness where I can never be found.

I really wish that I had a hope,
That I had a way
Walking through which I could be happy and gay.

I must tell the world about my inconsolableness
For the fear that I might break down one day and there’d be no one to pick up the pieces.
What I really need is someone to pick up the pieces of my heart and save me from disregard.
What I really need is a presence by my side, day-n-night.
Arms where I could melt in when I’m in fright
A home that I could run to, no matter what the time.
Someone who’d assure me of my existence
And yield me with resistance.
Someone who could steal away my thoughts
And hear the words unsaid,
Touch me, and take away my breath.
Dry these tears and frighten away my fears
Whisper words of reason into my ears.

Standing at the Corner of The Earth
I dream of all this-
That “someday”, I won’t be alone
Be no longer, on my own.
But as I hit reality and wake up from my sleep,
I find myself and myself alone
For my secrets to keep!!…


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