My Story Dressed in White

My story began when I laid my eyes on you
I saw your face
And I wished to see it till I could see.

I wanted to close my eyes and slumber into sleep
And see when I wake up
Your eyes watching me

And in the dreams
I want to follow you wherever you go.
Be a wallflower,
But be a part of whatever you do.

I want to see you
See you when you sway in white
Probably that’s how the wind would dance
If it were alive

See you give meaning to those colors
Flowers fail to show
And when in black
You’d make the night your foe

See you bring life to the words
Whose meanings only the poet would know
See your face in the night sky
When I look out my window

Be blinded by your light
When I turn out the glow
See you lay down beside me
When there’s nowhere left to go

See you dance the way you would
When my heartbeat would be the only rhythm you know

I want to hear you-
In the song in my head
In the words left unsaid
The hour of rain
In times of pain
In the stories you tell
And the version you sell

I want to breathe you-
In every breath
From this moment onward, till my very last.

I want to breathe in your fragrance,
When you’re wet out of shower
When you’re dressed to kill
And in the midnight hour.

I wish to sleep with your smell
When you’ll be away
With your taste in the back of my mouth
I’ll still dream to kiss your face away

And when I tell you about your secrets
I want to see you turn to red
When I fall asleep
I want you to be the last thing in my head

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