Let’s Talk It Over


N I’m really defeated this time around
That I don’t know what to say,
Defeated by life, defeated by you
Hope you’ll return someday.

I’m sorry to have hurt you
To have spoken those dreaded words
Please answer back I really miss you
We’re one in two separate worlds..

Your presence still lingers around the house,
I’m still loving you inside my mind
I ain’t perfect like you but still hope you’ll love me-
‘Coz I know true love is blind

You’re still my only best friend
N I’ll always be your crazy lover
N my love for you will never die
Come back home, let’s talk it over…

I can hear the vacant bedside calling
The sheets dying to be wrinkled.
The distant starts seem to be sad too
‘Coz they don’t shine the way they twinkled

The sheets and pillows still smell our sweat
Still soaked with the expressions of our love-
I can’t let go and I want more
‘Coz I haven’t had enough..

Up above in the night sky
Like my guiding star you hover
We’ve played enough now come down baby
C’mon let’s talk it over.

God knows what I’d give to feel your touch
To feel you head laying down on my chest,
To hear you breathe while you sleep
To put your worried mind to rest.

I don’t wanna miss a moment
So I’ll watch you over while you sleep,
N I swear on my life you can trust me honey
I’ll be the place for you secrets to keep.

So won’t you come back to me precious, it’s getting late
It’s time we go under cover-
Let’s forgive and love again
C’mon let’s talk it over..

Which One Is The Real One?

The Real One

There’s a dark side to all of us to which we all give up on some given days. Often there’s a battle raging inside, that seeks answers to the ever-germinating questions-about our real face.

Which one is the real one?

The brighter chirpy one who’s never kept anything inside-hidden from anyone or is it the darker one which no one knows, which no one has ever seen, not even in the hours of broad daylight. The time when even shadows are visible but the eyes of the people around can’t track down what’s right in front of their eyes.

What’s buried in the deep graves where hungry hearts, broken souls and all sorts of miseries lie in unrest without any peace, without any resent, without any expectations, without any celebrations.

To some, the brighter side is the more justified one and you feel that that’s what you need to be, that’s what the people like, that’s what they love and that’s where the journey of trying to be someone else begins when all you rather need to be is yourself.

Similarly, some people but very few can peep into the intricacies of the dark room. But, the ones who really do are the ones who relate to have felt the same pain, anxiety, fear, vulnerability, loneliness and frustration like you have; that’s another person that we often try to put ourselves in the shoes of.
But, if we really look around-rather take a look inside deep inside-we’ll find that the truth lies nowhere else but within. It’s only when we connect to the inner voice, that we realize-
that it’s no one else that we’ve got to be
that the dark and the bright aren’t parts of us, just some weird fragments of our own imagination;
that you are-“the real one”
in fact, you are the “one” that really exists…..