Would You Be My Poetry

I’ve come to a point in my life
Where I need you by my side
My one and only delight
Girl I really miss you tonight

The very first time I saw you
You looked so fine
Dressed in black and a bit of pink
You were poetry in every line

To this poet you meant the world
I could see a world within your eyes
It was like the ocean inside a pearl
Like the lone truth in a world of lies

On that day I found my inspiration
For my next bit of artistry
But thought I’d better ask you out you beauty
Would You Be My Poetry

Your aura was like the morning
Your voice as sweet as the rain
Inside me new love was dawning
As you kissed away my pain

That was then and this is now
I still remember it like yesterday
When we talked for the first time
When I gave my heart away

And so I came to you
You were standing all solitary
When in a fearful voice I asked you
Would You Be My Poetry

Like the morning sunrise
Or a romantic sunset in time
You came to me as an angel
And became my most beautiful rhyme

I’ll go on to write about you forever
Till I find a place in history
But I’ll always ask you this question darling
Would You Be My Poetry..

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